Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hello beauties!! Haven't posted in a while, sorry for being MIA, been pretty busy lately. I will have more posts up for you real soon! ^-^

Guess what?! I entered the BIGBANG cover contest! You guys know how much I adore BIGBANG! ^-^. Ok, so originally a few of my friends and I were planning on filming a video and joining the contest. Well that never happened. Due to conflicting schedules, plans kept on flopping so in the end I decided to go ahead and make a quick entry before the deadline was over. I'm no singer but I love doing these things, just so fun to do lol ^0^.

I play the girl versions of all the BIGBANG members in the video (they all have their own girl names) ^-^. I don't have the best filming/editing setup so please excuse my amateur video. I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you like the video please, "like" me on youtube and also vote for me on the vg contest page: YG Contest Page

Even if you just want to support me please vote! I would be so grateful! I highly doubt I'd win seeing as there are some amazing talented videos, but hey a girl can always dream right! I just want to party with BIGBANG in Seoul! Is that too much to ask?! *^-^*!

Oh and another update! I finally bought a tripod, so expect videos real soon! I just made a youtube channel, so I may be making more beauty/fashion videos on there as well ^-^

Enjoy! If you joined the contest as well, please let me know so I can check out your video and vote for you! ^-^ Please vote for me here: YG Contest Page
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Friday, 16 March 2012

Metal Clashes

I've really been into mixing gold and silver together lately. When done right, it adds more dimension and intrigue to your look. Can you also tell I love anything pyramid studded or shaped? Just some recent accessory findings. I've been trying to build up my bracelet collection so that I would have more options to stack. I like the idea of stacking bracelets of various colors and textures to create a unique look. Loving some of the bracelets I purchased! Gold on white is such a clean, fresh combination. I absolutely adore gold on cobalt blue!!! The pairing looks so luxurious yet edgy at the same time.

Gold/Blue Bracelet: F21 / Metal Pyramid Stud Bracelets: H&M / Rings: H&M / White/Gold Pyramid Bracelet: H&M

Just some random 셀카(selca) photos ^-^

Nails of the Week (NOTW)

Leopard print! Like my nails? ^-^ Sadly I haven't become this skilled at nail art yet -_-! It's Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 320 Kitty, Kitty. I love them! They turned out a lot better than I was expecting and have gotten lots of compliments from people ^-^. They're suppose to come off with nail polish remover. I want to try them in different patterns now! I have one other one, a plaid design from the holidays ^-^.

Recent Instagram Photos (mehimarykim add me! ^-^)

A quick shout goes to the lovely Selen at xLittleBells for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much!! Please go check out her awesome blog! ^-^

Next up will be some monthly subscription beauty box reviews (Topbox, Glymm, Luxe Box). Anyone interested in tutorials? Maybe of Kpop artists' makeup looks in MVs? 2NE1? ^-^ Let me know!

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Essie Navigate Her/Go Overboard Collection, Chanel Spring Collection,
Drugstore Nail Polish Haul

Bonjour lovelies~ I hope everyone is having an amazing week! This here is my recent accumulation of nail polishes. What can I say, I'm a nail polish junkie ^-^! All the various polish brands (Essie, China Glaze, OPI, etc) have been releasing their new collections for spring like crazy that it's hard to keep up! Some of these polishes are from the new Essie Navigate Her collection, Go Overboard collection, and some miscellaneous polishes. I ordered the Essie polishes from I like to order from them because they carry all the major brands and are up-to-date on recent releases, not to mention the inexpensive prices. Essie retails for around $8-9CDN, but transdesign now sells them for $4.35! Shipping is a little expensive so I like to wait until I have a list of varnishes and then order in bulk. The new essie polishes are beautiful and I'm super excited to play around with all the colors ^-^. Enjoy the photos below and my first impressions of each color (I won't do reviews right now because I haven't had a chance to test them out yet).

(L-R): A Cut Above, Borrowed & Blue, To Buy Or Not To Buy, A Crewed Interest, Navigate Her

(L-R:) Play Date, Orange, Its Obvious, Go Overboard, Mesmerize

A Cut Above is a clear base filled with big and small, rose colored, hexagonal glitters. It's part of the Luxe Effects collection. I have a weakness for pinks and this is absolutely stunning! I like how it isn't a typical pink, but a unique rose shade that has a lot of depth to it. I don't own any other glitter like it. I think it'd look pretty on its own or over other polishes. It's pretty, girly, and pink... loves! ^-^

Borrowed and Blue is a light pastel baby blue cream. I forgot what collection this came out in, I think it was one of their wedding collections? I've been wanting it for a while and finally got around to getting it. It's such a cute shade. I love my pastels!

To Buy Or Not To Buy is a light lilac with hidden blue/pink/white microshimmers. This came out with the Navigate Her collection. It's a very pretty, delicate shade. I love the hidden microshimmer; it makes the color more unique. Although I heard when you apply it, the microshimmers virtually disappear. I'll have to try it out for myself.

A Crewed Interest is a light peach cream that came out with the Navigate Her collection. I'm super excited to wear this! I've been really into peaches, corals, and tangerines lately! It's a peach color that actually looks good on my skintone. I have the popular Peackykeen from China Glaze, and the color is so cute, but sadly it doesn't really go with my skintone. A perfect spring color, a must have I'd say ^-^!

Navigate Her is a pistachio green cream. It came out with the Navigate Her collection. Can I just say, I love this color?! It reminds me of green tea icecream!! If green tea icecream transformed into nail polish, this is how it would look. yummm nomnom ^-^. It looks adorable.

Play Date is a lavender cream. Came out with the Go Overboard collection. Super pretty, don't have any color like this in my collection. It's a bright but soft, cheery color that reminds me of spring and lavender flowers ^-^.

Orange, It's Obvious is an intense bright orange cream. Came out with the Navigate Her collection. This color is seriously hot stuff! Not neon but it's super bright and looks to be flattering on the nails. This is going to be my 'go to' color for summer!

Go Overboard is a teal cream that was released with the Go Overboard collection. Such a rich and luxurious shade! Looking at it reminds me of the sea, ocean, sailing, and all that good stuff. It looks stunning!

Mesmerize is an intense royal blue cream. I don't know what collection this is from but it's an older polish from Essie. I've been hunting for an intense, bright cobalt blue; not a navy, but a true royal blue! I think i've found it ^-^. I'll have to try it out but it seems perfect! OMG how good will this color look with some gold accessories?! *swoons* ^__~

I also picked up two out of the three nail polishes from Chanel's spring collection, May and June. Both are absolutely lovely!! I actually went on a bit of a hunt for June, as it sold out super quick! My first set of Chanel polishes ^0^!

Chanel 535 May Vernis is an insanely adorable baby barbie pink cream! I love the finish of the polish. It's almost a jelly; when it dries it has that squishy jelly look to it. So cute!! ^-^ It's also a very nice shade of pink that would work well across all skintones. Recommended if you love pinks!

Chanel 539 June Vernis is a light tangerine peach cream. This is a very popular color, sold out very quickly, and I can see why! The perfect color for spring, it's so fresh and cute! Reminds me of a tangerine sorbet ^-^

I bought some drugstore nail polishes in bright, fun colors that were very inexpensive! I really like Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro line of nail polishes and own a couple of them. I like the fatter brush as it allows you to achieve even coverage with less strokes. They also come in an assortment of pretty colors ^-^

370 Wild Orchid is a dusty lavender cream. In the bottle it looks very similar to Essie's Play Date but when swatched, it's more of a dusty, darker lavender.
310 Sunset Orange is a bright orange coral cream. Bright and fun! ^-^

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the haul and mini review/first impressions! ^-^
Till next time,