Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Hello beauties!! Haven't posted in a while, sorry for being MIA, been pretty busy lately. I will have more posts up for you real soon! ^-^

Guess what?! I entered the BIGBANG cover contest! You guys know how much I adore BIGBANG! ^-^. Ok, so originally a few of my friends and I were planning on filming a video and joining the contest. Well that never happened. Due to conflicting schedules, plans kept on flopping so in the end I decided to go ahead and make a quick entry before the deadline was over. I'm no singer but I love doing these things, just so fun to do lol ^0^.

I play the girl versions of all the BIGBANG members in the video (they all have their own girl names) ^-^. I don't have the best filming/editing setup so please excuse my amateur video. I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you like the video please, "like" me on youtube and also vote for me on the vg contest page: YG Contest Page

Even if you just want to support me please vote! I would be so grateful! I highly doubt I'd win seeing as there are some amazing talented videos, but hey a girl can always dream right! I just want to party with BIGBANG in Seoul! Is that too much to ask?! *^-^*!

Oh and another update! I finally bought a tripod, so expect videos real soon! I just made a youtube channel, so I may be making more beauty/fashion videos on there as well ^-^

Enjoy! If you joined the contest as well, please let me know so I can check out your video and vote for you! ^-^ Please vote for me here: YG Contest Page
and 'like' me on youtube! Thanks so much <3

till next time,



  1. :-) This was to Cute... Just subscribe to your youtube

  2. I love BIGBANG also. Good luck on the contest.

    I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award. You can check out the award on my blog here-


    1. YAY for bigbang! thanks ^-^
      thanks so much for the award! i'll def give you a shout out on my next post! <3

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