Thursday, 10 January 2013

I've Missed You ♥

Hello lovelies. I know I've been M.I.A. for the longest time and I've missed you all! Life's just been hectic with school and work but I'm determined to get this site back up and running. Blogging is just too much fun to give up completely.

It's the second half of winter but guess what? Spring is coming and you know what that means: spring makeup collections and fashion! I'm especially excited for all the new collection releases. I'm a sucker for pastels and bright pops of colour; it's just so fresh and vigorating after dreary winter.

Expect lots of upcoming makeup reviews, fashion OOTD's, and hauls.

To end off, here's an update of my life through pictures from my Instagram. Pictures are worth a thousand words, are they not? ;)


More photos and updates on Instagram @ mehimarykim
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  1. Welcome back :D Can't wait for your posts! I'm so jealous that you found the EOS lip balms T__T I've been looking all over different Targets and I can't find it!

    1. Thanks so much! I found them at a local drugstore but I'm not surprised that they're hard to find. I hope you find them!

  2. Cute pictures :)

  3. love your cute little cats!

    xoxo milla

  4. looks like a super fun week! :D

    X Jenny

  5. you look very cute ,expecially at 5 last photos of you ^.^

  6. love this post ;)
    like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)

    XO MP

  7. Gret photos and very fashionable girl :) we like your style.

    Just follow you (via bloglovin + gfc), hope you return the favor and we also will find on this way much more new blogs and follower :)


    1. Thank you!
      Great blog, now following.

    2. Hey
      I know I'm late,but welcome back Doll..Though you were busy with work and classes I hope everything went well for you..Also notice that you came back with a fresh new sense of fashion,which I am loving by the way ♥♥♥♥

      If you happen to be missing a cat....(Girl).... It was me

    3. Thanks so much! :)
      I hope you're doing well. <3
      LOL I know, my cats are adorable aren't they? :D