Thursday, 19 April 2012

MAC Warehouse Sale (March 2012) Haul

Bonjour lovelies! I've missed you guys!! ^-^ My apologies for the lack of updates, I have really missed blogging and will try posting on a more regular basis! I hope everyone's been well ^-^!

Last month I attended the MAC/Estee Lauder warehouse sale held in Markham, Ontario. They have these sales four times a year (September, December, March, June) in Canada. I believe they have it in one of the states in the U.S. It's basically a Estee Lauder warehouse sale where they sell brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Origins, DKNY, Clinique, etc., for a discounted price (usually at least 40-60% off). The tickets are hard to get, as it is a private sale available to Estee Lauder company employees and certain other affiliated companies. They receive the tickets and then give them to family and friends, so if you don't know someone who works for Estee Lauder then it's pretty hard to get tickets for free. You can buy them online on Ebay, Kijiji, etc.

I've been to the sale a handful of times and usually I've had to buy tickets. Luckily this time a friend was kind enough to give me a pair of tickets because she wasn't going to attend. The sale goes on for 3 days (fri, sat, sun) and I went on a Saturday. My friend and I got there around the time the doors opened and there was a pretty big line to get in. I'll give a quick rundown on some of the prices (all MAC items): lipsticks were $10 each, eyeshadow/pigments were either $9 or $12 each, blushes/powders were I believe either $12 or $15, foundation/concealers were $9, and there was a $4 section with lashes, eyeshadow pans, and some other mini items. There are a lot more things but I can't remember the prices off by heart, sorry!

I didn't get as much stuff as I have previous months. I feel like the prices increase every sale (lipstick/glosses used to be 2 for $10!!) but the products are still significantly cheaper than retail price. I did get some things I really needed as well as some products I've always wanted to try ^-^.

MAC Complete Comfort Cream - $20 (reg. $38.50CA)

MAC describes this as: "A moisturizer formulated to instantly rehydrate the skin and provide immediate and ongoing relief from redness and irritation. Ultra-creamy, provides high-comfort wear while providing sensitive skin with the soothing benefits associated with its calming plant-and marine-based formula"

I ran out of moisturizer and desperately needed a new one! I've been using the MAC moisturelush creme, which I love, but is sadly discontinued :(. Since I loved the moisturelush, I figured I'd give this comfort creme a try. The texture is really soft and creamy, and it doesn't feel sticky on the skin. It seems to absorb into the skin quickly. It has a nice, very light fresh scent. I have dry skin and this creme is on the thicker side, so I think it would be suited best for those with normal to dry skin. I'll let you know what I think about it once I try it out. The moisturelush never broke me out so lets hope this doesn't either! ^-^

MAC Lightful Softening Lotion - $20 (reg. $36CA)

Mac describes this as: "Infused with the active high power impact of our Marine-Bright complex, this softening lotion conditions the skin for a smoother, more radiant look and feel. Impact increases over time"

This is an interesting product because it looks like a toner but is suppose to be a lotion. It also has a light fresh scent. I'll have to try this one out before letting you guys know how I feel about it.

MAC Paintpot in Bare Study - $12 (reg. $21CA)

I've always wanted to try this paintpot (along with painterly and soft ochre)! It's a really pretty shimmery champagne color. I've been using it and I like to pop it in the inner corners for some brightness and also just as a sheer wash of color on the lids ^-^.

Mac Eyeshadow Pans in Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch - $4 each (reg. $14CA)

Satin taupe! Need I say more? lol. Yes it's sad but true... I've never owned the infamous satin taupe till now. It's such a pretty smoky taupe color that is so versatile. I'm in love <3. I'm so happy I got it for only 4 bucks ^____^! Naked lunch is a really sheer nude champagne shade. It's pretty but I wish it was more pigmented. I find it works to use it as a inner corner highlight color.

Before you leave the sale, there's a section next to the exit where they sell $5 charity bags. The charity bags are basically goodie bags for $5 each filled with different MAC products! They're all full sized products, which is amazing! The proceeds go to charity which is also awesome ^-^. They usually have different bags and the max you can spend is $20. This year they were selling the MAC ornament packs of cremesheens/lipglasses and crushed metallic pigment stacks from this past holiday collection. $5 each for each of these ornaments is amazing! I only got 2, I regret not getting all the ornaments for $20 >_

Dazzlesphere! Pink Ornament Dazzleglasses/Cremesheen Glasses - $5

(T-B): Rags to Riches, Like Venus, Fashion Scoop, Petite Indulgence

Rags to Riches Dazzleglass is a sheer pink that leans slightly mauve with multicolored sparkles. It's very pretty and sparkly, and I think it looks better layered with another lipstick. The one thing I'm not too fond of is the formula. Dazzleglasses tend to be really sticky.

Like Venus Dazzleglass is a sheer cool toned, blue based pink with silver and pink sparkles. Also very pretty, I think it would look great over pink lipsticks.

Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass is a milky baby pink with some silver shimmer. Really cute, I love these baby pink shades. Cremesheen glasses are one of my favourite lipglosses from MAC. I love the formula and it's not as sticky as dazzleglasses or regular mac lipglasses. Mind you, cremesheens are generally pretty sheer so if your not into sheer glosses, they might not be your thing. Personally I don't mind the sheerness of cremesheens and I quite like the feel and and look of them on my lips ^-^

Petite Indulgence Cremesheen Glass is a bright fuchsia pink. It's a cream finish with no sparkle. It's the most pigmented of the bunch and you can probably wear this on its own. A really fun, girly color ^-^


Dazzlesphere! Smoky Berry Ornament Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks - $5

(L-R): Spicy Smoke, Roasted Chestnut, Pearl, Rose Light

Spicy Smoke is a rich cranberry red. This shade is beautiful and actually reminds me of red velvet cake ^-^ YUM! These crushed metallic pigments are awesome, all of them are super pigmented!

Roasted Chestnut is a rich chocolate brown. Why does this remind me of chocolate brownies?

Pearl is a shimmery champagne off-white with a slight pink tinge. I think this would be a great color on the inner corners and on the lower water line for a pop of brightness.

Rose Lightis a beautiful rosy pink. So pretty and girly, makes me think of crushed fairy dust ^-^


Before you exit the sale, you hand in your ticket to the guards and they give you a free gift. We got a pair of lashes. These ones are the #42 lashes. I've gotten eyeshadows, nail polishes, and even a full size msf during previous sales.

Overall, if you are able to get your hands on some tickets, I'd recommend you guys to check out the sale! Although prices have gone up, they're still very much discounted than retail price. It's also a fun experience for those who have never gone before ^-^. If I'm able to attend the next sale (June), I may purchase some goodies for future giveaways ^-^! I hope you enjoyed this haul!
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  1. wahhhh!!! i love all your hails!!hope you could do a review on the comfort cream and softening lotion! Both sounds pretty promising and the packaging for the softening lotion is irresistible! ^_^~

    1. thanks hun! ^-~
      i'll def do a review on the two products once i've tested them out! they're both part of the permanent line which is also good news!

  2. omg girl! i'd die to go to a mac sale like that!
    those ornaments are so adorable and unique way of packaging!
    update soon please! <33

    1. maybe the next time you visit Canada? ^-^
      or the next time i go, you can just make a list of things you want and i'll try to pick them up for you!
      yup i'll update regularly!! <3<3

  3. Wow, amazing beauty haul! I'd love to go to an event like that~
    Looks like you picked up some really nice goodies, the MAC paintpot looks particularly nice!
    And the charity bags are great too!

    1. thanks hun!! ^-^
      the paintpot is awesome! i want to try out a bunch of more colors from their regular line!
      the charity bags are the best part to be honest. only $5 and goes to a good cause ^-^

  4. Wow!!! a MAC sale!! That is amazing.. I wish we had something like that back here in the Philippines.. I'd really like to try those products you got..

    Kisses! xxx

    1. thanks hun! ^-^ you guys have Etude house shops in the Philippines! I wish we had those in Canada!

  5. Yes I would like a round trip flight to Me-Hi Mary Kim... That's right hun I'm coming over LOL.. Great haul on M.A.C

  6. I'm so jealous! I wish we had a MAC sale here in Vancouver :(

  7. The lipglosses are very beautiful <3
    Turtle <3

  8. It looks like I should start going on beauty sales too!!!;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin

    1. you should! ^-^
      thanks for following, i'll do the same! <3

  9. nice post!
    U have a great blog btw!!!

    Wanna follow each other sweetie?
    Have a nice day!

    1. thanks hun! ^-^
      yup, i'll be sure to check out your blog and follow! <3