Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mac Shop Cook Collection: Haul, Review, Swatches

Hello my lovelies! Hope your all having a wonderful week ^-^. I've been so excited for this collection to come out since months back, so when it got released on February 9th, I had to pick up some items! I have to say, MAC did well with this collection. The outer packaging is really fun and cute. The colors are bright and pretty, perfect for spring. Most of the items sold out super fast (some in just a matter of hours), so I hope you were able to snag some goodies up! Enjoy the swatches/reviews. These photos were taken within the span of two days, and on one day I did get my makeup done at MAC so don't mind if my makeup doesn't match some of the lip colors being swatched lol. If you are interested in any of the items, don't hesitate and act fast! ^-^

Mac Tendertone Lip Balms (SPF 12)

(L-R): Hot 'N' Saucy, Purring

Hot 'N' Saucy is a bright cherry red in the pot and applies a sheer pretty tint of color on the lips.
Purring is a cute tangerine in the pot but goes on very sheer on the lips. It adds a cute warm tint to the lips.

I love Tendertones! It's my first time trying them, but I wish MAC would bring these back so I can try all the other shades. It's basically a lip balm/gloss that's easy and comfortable to wear. They look and feel like jelly, apply very smoothly, and have a non-sticky texture. They feel moisturizing and have SPF of 12, which is always a plus. Perhaps one of the best things about these are that they have the most yummy scent. Strawberry kiwi, sweet but not sickening. I can sniff them all day ^-^. All of them are sheer so they would just add a slight tint and a nice shine to the lips. They do have an expiration date written specifically at the back because of the SPF, so I wouldn't horde them. The collection came with four colors, and it was seriously tempting to grab all four but I contained myself to two. They are limited edition and retail for $18 CDN/$15 U.S.

Purring Swatches

Hot 'N' Saucy Swatches

(L-R): Dish It Up, Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle

Dish It Up is a berry pink in a lustre finish. In the tube it looks straight up purple but on the lips, it's a very flattering pinkish berry. It's soft, sheer, and pretty when first applied, but you can easily build up the color by adding more layers. One of my favourites, I've gotten numerous compliments on it ^-^.

Watch Me Simmer is a bright coral pink in an amplified finish. Very pigmented and applies opaque and evenly. This one is really popular and sold out almost instantly online and in stores. If you can still get your hands on it, it's a very pretty color for spring that can be transitioned into the summer.

Quick Sizzle is a bright fuchsia pink in a matte finish. Intensely pigmented, it goes on evenly and super opaque. I find matte lipsticks drying so you should definitely make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth before applying. It's a very pretty and fun color. This is another color that sold out instantly. It does look very dupable though, so if you can't get your hands on this one, I would check MAC'S permanent line to find a similar match. These lipsticks are limited edition and retail for $17.50 CDN/$14.50 U.S.

Watch Me Simmer swatches

Dish It Up swatches

Quick Sizzle swatches

Mac Kissable Lipcolor

Scan-delicious is a raspberry fuchsia pink. These kissable lipcolors are like a liquid lipstick, they're pigmented but go on smoothly like a gloss. I really like how it applies evenly and the soft, smooth feeling of it on the lips. This color caught my eye the most but I'm tempted to go back and grab a couple more in the light pink/nude shades. They're limited edition and retail for $22.50 CDN/$20.00 U.S.

Scan-delicious swatches

Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad

(L-R): Call Me Bubbles (Satin), Fresh Daily (Frost), Full of Flavour (Matte), Brash (Veluxe Pearl)

Call Me Bubbles is a light cream. It's a color great for the inner corners of your eyes.
Fresh Daily is a bright tangerine in a frost finish. It's such a cute color and is what caught my eye at first glance. Not to mention it's one of the trendy 'it' colors of the season. It's pretty pigmented and easy to blend.
Full of Flavour is a matte coral pink. The pigmentation is decent and I like how it's a soft pink on the lids.
Brash is an intense reddish copper. It has a veluxe pearl finish so it's very pigmented and has excellent color payoff on the lids.

Out of the three quads available in the collection, this one just caught my eye the most. The colors are wearable and perfect for spring as well as summer. Although all the quads are really pretty, I think i'll get the most use out of these colors.


At the MAC counter, the makeup artist did a look on me using the eyeshadow quad. It turned out well, no? I love it! She used Peaches blush, for the cheeks and a mix of a coral pink gloss (can't remember the name) and Vegas Volt lipstick.

Thanks for reading! ^-^


  1. Wow nice haul! Everything works out so nicely for your skin tone. I'm loving those first two lip balms.

    The MUA did a great job in the last photos, the orange still shows in a nice subtle way. You look adorable!

    1. Thanks Che! Your too sweet ^-^
      Try the lip balms, you'll love them!!

  2. LOVE!! You make me want to quickly head over to MAC to check out the collection! I'm especially loving the lipgloss and those lipsticks! And all those colours matches you so well..so I hope they'd match on me haha (I'm a bit dark).

    1. haha thanks hun! ^-^ Go check out the collection before they sell out! I think the coral pink shade, the fuchsia, and the lipglosses would look great on you! =)