Monday, 13 February 2012

Spring Polkadotting (Haul)

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means: cleaning out your closet and preparing your spring wardrobe! I love spring because it's such a transitional season where you can play around with everything. Spring fashion is the perfect blend of all seasons, where it's not too hot to mix pieces typical to fall/winter such as jackets, trench coats, layers, and boots but in lighter materials/colors with pieces for spring/summer. Some of my favourite spring trends are pastels (I wholeheartedly adore my pastels), polkadots, bright colors (loving the 'it' tangerine color for this season), color blocking, pleats, lace, frills, and the list is endless. In preparation for spring, I'm slowly building my spring wardrobe and these are some of the pieces I've acquired so far. As you can and will see, I have a thing for polkadots ^-^

H&M Denim Jacket - $59.95CAD
I've been looking for a well-fitting denim jacket for a while. It's a staple piece to any wardrobe and I think every girl should own one. A good denim jacket is surprisingly hard to find though, most of the times I find the wash or fit isn't right. I tried on the new denim jackets H&M received for spring and I was pleased to find that it fit very well. The material isn't stiff, which I love as I like to be able to move around freely in my clothes. I also like the darker, traditional classic wash.

H&M Polkadot Blouses - $19.99CAD
Something about polkadots just make me happy. It's such a fun and cute, yet classic pattern. It reminds me of childhood and all the pretty innocent things but it also channels chic sophistication. I really like this blouse! The material feels light and breezy, and love the tie bow detail of the collar. The material is pretty sheer so it'll be best to wear a slip/cami underneath. I loved the red/white and blue/white color combinations that I couldn't decided and ended up with both ^-^

H&M Black/White Leopard Print Blouse - $29.99CAD
You all know I love animal print and I found this black/white color combination of leopard print really fresh and different from anything I own. Love the longer length of the blouse as you can pair it with leggings/tights. The back is slightly longer than the front. The material is also very light and flowy. It's sheer though, so will have to wear a cami/slip underneath.

Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen (Pink/Red) - $49.97
I have a love affair with Jeffrey Campbell, I seriously love his shoes. Killer designs, comfy, and just plain awesome. Aren't these pink and red polkadot heels the cutest thing?! So fun! Can't wait to start wearing these. I ordered them in a 7.5 (I usually wear 7.5/8) but because they're a canvas material, it's slightly snug at the front. I'll just try to get them stretched before I wear them, no big =). Other than that, feels comfortable and love the platform. These are some serious eye candy ^-^ I need to start a Jeffrey Campbell collection!

I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas for your spring wardrobe ^-^. How about some random photos to end off?

My sister and I were watching Disney's Mulan II the other day. Mulan is one of my all time favourite Disney movies! She is just so kickass. Anyways there's a part in the movie where Mulan and her lover, general Shang get into an argument. Now I know Shang is clearly upset but these clips just made us laugh so much. Full on LMFAOing. No seriously, we were laughing for 10 minutes straight. You know, the can't breathe, stomach hurting kind of laugh. It was so funny, we had to rewind, watch it again, and then again in slow motion to capture his face expressions on camera. I don't know, maybe we just have a very childish sense of humor. If you have the movie, watch this scene. Then watch it in slow motion, even funnier ^___^

My two babies Miki and Louie. They are cute and fluffy ^-^


  1. OMG The shoes are AMAZING!!!
    I really like the H&M Polkadot tops too! you have a good taste ;))
    your blog is wonderful.. I'm following <3


  2. I admit, I really like those shoes. I want a pair :)
    I knew you'd buy those shirts!
    And LOLOL @ Mulan's screencaps. Those are so jokes.

    1. get a pair! we can wear them together =) lol i know the shirts are so 'me' right?
      LOLLL aren't the Mulan screencaps so funny?! ^-^

  3. love the shoes! by the way, you can share your fashion items on your own online closet at and let other clozetters like them too.

  4. i love the shoes! :))

  5. Aaaaw! really Adore those outfit! and love you blogs! cant wait the next post here:)
    n the shoooooes! i really like it!

  6. hihi :D
    i followed your blog as soon as i saw the kpop word in your description! haha, i love this haul, the styles are somewhat vintagey, i love it :D
    and i was reading your post on the cardigan similar to park boms one, isnt shipping to canada super expensive?? ><
    come and check out my blog?

    1. thanks hun! ^-^ haha i know everyone loves kpop! yeah shipping on gmarket is pricey but if you buy a bunch of items at one time, it's not too bad! i'll definitely check out your blog ;)